Tuesday, July 18, 2006


In appreciation of the lovely wife, who is celebrating a birthday today, here's an unlettered page from my contribution to AdHouse's forthcoming Project: Romantic, the lovely comic for comics-lovers who love being in love.

How great is the lovely wife? Last night, I was reading some reprints of DC's G.I. Combat comics, I was moved to comment that there couldn't possibly be anything cooler than a WWII Army tank haunted by the ghost of Jeb Stuart fighting a Nazi plane haunted by the ghost of Attila the Hun. Without pause, the lovely wife said, "I think the haunted tank and the haunted plane should have to fight a haunted robot."

Then my brain exploded.

From a lethal overexposure to AWESOME!


pitzerboy said...

Happy birthday to the Sweetie! I wish mounds of cake and goodness her way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris!

Pulpatooner said...

Damn! I knew I forgot something! I was so busy stocking up on paper hats, noisemakers, and novelty candles... Now I need to run out and get mounds of cake and goodness before she gets back from work!