Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sweetie pt. 2

Another Project: Romantic page! As far as I can remember, these are my first full-color comics pages. I've done plenty of color illustrations, but, as in every other aspect of image production, comics are much more difficult than illustration. Not only do you have dozens of images to compose, instead of one, but you also have to make sure they relate effectively to each other on the page. To simplify things for myself, I tended towards basic color schemes. In this case, a near-complement of purple and orange.


Stephanie Han Windham said...

Absolutely love the colors--they work amazingly well together! And how sweet that you found your comic-loving soulmate :D Speaking of which, I'll be at the Comicon in San Diego this saturday--I'll be thinking about you!

Miras said...

So it seems I was right thinking: "Hey what the heck?! Is Mr. Priddy going color?!"
I really enjoy those pages. Your clean, wonderfull linework with those colors is just... great.
Sorry for long time no seee, but I was quite busy lately; hardly ever switched my PC on. It was so long, I begun to miss you. :-) So here I am.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, Steph and Miras!

Steph, how was SDCC?

Miras has some beautiful color work up on his blog, which is definitely worth checking out.

And Miras, we missed you, too.