Thursday, July 27, 2006

Early Ink

When my grandfather recently died, I had to go through the piles of garbage I'd stashed in his basement over the years, including some old sketchbooks.

These are some drawings done in the first few weeks of learning how to use a brush with ink. I'd tried to use a brush on and off over the years, but it never clicked. Then, one day, under the influence of a collection of Peter Arno cartoons, it did.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sweetie pt. 3

Project: Romantic will be appearing in this Wednesday's Previews*, if you'd care to order it. Here are the vital statistics:

Project: Romantic
2C wrap-around cover by Maris Wicks
256 4C pages
6" x 9" perfect bound
$19.95 US funds
ISBN 0-9770304-2-3
Shipping fall of 2006
Diamond order #: AUG06 2903

*For the non-comics-cognoscenti, in America comics are distributed by a monopoly called Diamond. Previews is their monthly catalog listing what will be coming several months down the road. For anything that isn't a sure-fire mainstream hit (like, oh, say Superman or X-Somethingorother), ordering from Previews is the only way to be sure your local comics shop will have what you want.

AdHouse's mighty Mister Pitzer says that sneak-peeks of other P:R stories will be appearing here.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sweetie pt. 2

Another Project: Romantic page! As far as I can remember, these are my first full-color comics pages. I've done plenty of color illustrations, but, as in every other aspect of image production, comics are much more difficult than illustration. Not only do you have dozens of images to compose, instead of one, but you also have to make sure they relate effectively to each other on the page. To simplify things for myself, I tended towards basic color schemes. In this case, a near-complement of purple and orange.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


In appreciation of the lovely wife, who is celebrating a birthday today, here's an unlettered page from my contribution to AdHouse's forthcoming Project: Romantic, the lovely comic for comics-lovers who love being in love.

How great is the lovely wife? Last night, I was reading some reprints of DC's G.I. Combat comics, I was moved to comment that there couldn't possibly be anything cooler than a WWII Army tank haunted by the ghost of Jeb Stuart fighting a Nazi plane haunted by the ghost of Attila the Hun. Without pause, the lovely wife said, "I think the haunted tank and the haunted plane should have to fight a haunted robot."

Then my brain exploded.

From a lethal overexposure to AWESOME!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I was recently asked to draw a goat. But not just a goat. An evil goat. And not just an evil goat, but an EEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL goat. Goats look pretty mephistopholean already, so I decided to just draw a goat, and keep adding ink until it looked sufficiently evil. This is where I stopped. If it still hadn't looked evil enough, I'd have given it a long curly moustache.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Magellan pt. 5

I'm just going to wrap up the rest of the Magellan story in one fell post, 'cuz, frankly, it's depressing me. All I see when I look at these pages is the hurry I was in to meet my deadline. What a bunch of bland, uncomposed panels! Still, sixteeen pages in one weekend. Whaddaya want?

I'll see about finding something I feel a little more enthusiatic about for the next posting.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Magellan pt. 4

Apologies for the delays in posting. What can I say? It's summer, my scanner is in the office, and every day I don't spend at the office is a victory for all who love Freedom. Hurray for Freedom!

Awhile ago, I recommended folks check out James Callahan's work on Strange Detective Tales. I'd now like to humbly advise checking out this six-page preview of James' forthcoming graphic novel, Rotting in Dirtville, and then runing to your local purveyor of fine picture-stories and pre-ordering a copy. Hurray for Giant Martian Zombie Machines!