Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Magellan pt. 3

The mutiny depicted in this story is hardly the only one that Magellan ever faced. If I learned anything researching this story, it was that Magellan was basically a dick. Every group of people he ever came into contact with tried to kill him. I mean everyone: his own countrymen, his adopted countrymen, just about every crew he ever sailed with, and certainly most of the natives he encoutered in his travels.

The first time a mob screams for you blood, you can say "It's them." The second time a mob screams for you blood, you can probably still say "It's them." When you're up to your fifth or sixth bloodthirsty mob, buddy, it's you.

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Miras said...

You're probably right, but do They care?.. Nope. And it's still "Their fault". And if they don't choose mein election; they choose wrong.