Monday, May 01, 2006

Ye Olde Butterflye

Or, Der Schmetterling!

Dashing Dean Trippe, who is, I suppose, already in Africa doing good works, is running a contest to draw alternate-universe versions of his character, Butterfly. Well, he submitted such a lovely drawing of IronHide Tom, that I had to roll up my sleeves and return in kind. So this is my vision of Butterfly in 16th Century Germany.

I realize that I've left everyone hanging with the sad feet. I'll get back to this story. I claim the marathon chaos that is the end of the semester.

Speaking of semesters ending, I hope you'll drop by the blogs of my seniors and check out how their projects turned out. Myself, I'm pleased as Punch with their work.

And speaking of IronHide Tom, today is the stated deadline for submissions, but I'll be taking drawings in until the 5th. Hell, it ain't like I'm going to throw anything that comes in on the 6th away, either. So draw, ya'll!


pitzerboy said...

heh. NICE. I love the knight's embellishments.

Steph said...

Ach, I'm afraid I've totally slacked on the whole ironhide tom thing--sorry! But your drawing looks ever so lovely.

Joel Priddy said...

Well, it's not too late! Draw, Steph, draw!