Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gallerie d' IronHide Tom pt. 4

The pics keep coming in!

This one wasn't sent in, but Classy Chris Pitzer found it over on Broken Pony.

And here's Tom as depicted by 8-year-old Eddie Smith, of Leeds. What could possibly be cooler than this amazing drawing? Howsabout a brand new IronHide Tom adventure, courtesy of young Master Smith?

How many shades of awesome is that? Check out the armory Tom has on his new ship. And what about that first panel where Tom's in jail? Isn't that great? I wish my students could grasp perspective and layered composition like that (I'm looking at you, Jim). Eddie must get it from his father.


Unknown said...

I am looking at the C I made in class and I am silently weeping.

Actually I totally deserve it, so I'm feeling pretty great. Well not great, but pretty okay.

Anonymous said...

The kid's got moxie. To protect what's left of my self-esteem, Eddie can't go any near my Legos. He should keep on drawing, though, for sure: that boat totally rocked.

knock on wood said...

oh my god.. that kid's comic is so freaking cool

I still need to send in my drawing though it will be severely late.

Pulpatooner said...

Gallivanting around Italy is an acceptable reason for lateness, especially if it's honeymoon gallivanting.