Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Doffer pt. 4

The sad little feet have just walked all over your heart, haven't they? You probably want to go lie down now. Maybe turn the lights off, and listen to some cello concertos. And, you know, just think.

If you want to actually depress the hell out of yourself, I can send you the photo references I gathered for this piece. Hundreds and hundreds of photographs of child laborers. And they ain't all safely in the past, either. Blegh.


Stephanie Han Windham said...

Oh man, that was totally sad! And I imagine it may get sadder :( And so true that this isn't all just ancient history.

Miras said...

Now you got me... I'm really depressed. I didn't have an inkling of such punchline!
I'm taking my earlier tonight's comment back; I will not write for some time now...
What is even more awful is that there are still places in this world of "bright" 21-st century, where children are used, and abused all the time. Sewing trainers, blue jeans, or assembling toys for some other kids happy enough to be born on the other side.
Your story is sad, but this is monstrous.

Anonymous said...