Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wide Empire of Sports pt. 6

And that's the Gladiator story. Don't you feel educated now?

Next: The Empress Theodora.


Mark said...

You, sir, are my all-time favorite cartoonist. Thank you for Pulpatoon, thank you for O, Blessed Vision. I'm going to get tattoos based on your work.

Joel Priddy said...

Wow. Thanks, Mark, that's really nice to hear. As far as the tattoos: as long as I don't know you, this is an incredibly good idea. But, as I learned back in my college days when I made my beer money by designing flash, I'm uncomfortable seeing my work on my friends' skin. I'm looking at my pal, and all I can see is every little mistake of line weight or proportion that I made in the drawing.

Anyway, if we're not likely to run into each other on a regular basis, and you do get such a tattoo, please send me a photo!

Miras said...

Mr. Priddy!
I feel educated as... as... See? I need some education in english. My knowledge on roman gladiators, on the other hand is huge. :-D
I've got to stop the laugh, cause my belly wobbles too much, and my girl starts showing signs of sea sickness.

Joel Priddy said...

An all purpose American colloquialism is to compare things to a three-legged mule. So, in this instance, you could say "I'm as educated as a three-legged mule." Absolutely no one will have any idea what you mean by this, but they'll admire your folksy, homespun wisdom, nevertheless.

Right now, I'm as tired as a three-legged mule after a kicking contest. I was up all night reading garbage on the internet. Go me!

Mark said...

Well, it's quite likely that I'll be at school in Memphis next year (Rhodes College), but I had my best friend sort of redesign the title page of Pulpatoon Pilgrimage (the tree) to suit my needs. It's more of an homage than anything. I have also thought about getting the Sun-God (Brzzt, Grz) somewhere, but I'm not completely set on that one yet.

Joel Priddy said...

Groovy. If you need a cleaner god-scan, let me know. He'll also be making a cameo appearance in the upcoming Free Comic Book Day Comic from AdHouse, The Preposterous Voyages of IronHide Tom.

Rhodes is a beautiful campus. I know a few people who work there. What would you be studying?

Mark said...

If I could get a cleaner god-scan that'd be awesome. I love the Ironhide Tom stuff you've put up here, so I look forward to the full book.

I'm probably going to be an English major, with a focus in either Literature or Creative Writing.