Monday, April 10, 2006

Wide Empire of Sports pt. 4

No snide remarks about the present administration, today. Just another page in the life a Roman Gladiator.

Do not check the perspective in any of these panels. It will only lead to disappointment for us all. It occurs to me now that it would have been cool to draw all three panels based on a vanishing point and horizon line established in the first panel. That way, it would almost be like a vertical pan from street level to Colosseum floor to the underground chambers.

Ah, well. These are the sorts of formal games one doesn't always have time to play when under deadline pressure.


Anonymous said...

"Feed the lions to bigger lions" - well said. Chomsky would be proud.

Are there plans to collect the story, Joel? I wasn't clear if the publisher had indeed taken it on, but I would love to pick up any book that featured this.

Pulpatooner said...

These stories will appear as part of a series of text-books for middle school and high school students. I don't know how to get a hold of one of these books other than enrolling in high school. They aren't even sending copies of these books to the cartoonists. This is why I'm posting them here: for the sharing. Which is caring.

But hey, you work in a lie-berry, right? I bet ordering these would be a vital part of your educational collection.