Friday, April 14, 2006

Rags to Regent pt. 2

Rob Ullman has heeded the call, and begun posting some of his McGraw-Hill stories as well. Click on over and check them out. Scroll on down for, among other things, drawings of girls taking off their clothes, and photos of Rob laying pipe. Yes, you heard me. Laying pipe.


Jinxy said...


It's the ghost of Richmond past here to punish you for saying "Laying pipe".

Joel Priddy said...


You're not fooling me. I got flagged by Homeland Security for bitching about the current administration, didn't I? You're here to check up on me and my seditious cartoons, aren't you? Aw, crap, I better watch what I say before you go all Closteland on my hippie ass.

Also, congrats on the offspring!