Monday, March 20, 2006

Restocking the Cupboard?

I don't yet know if it's a last gasp before the death rattle, or a miraculous recovery, but the scanner seems to be working again. The color calibration is super-screwed, but I was able to scan in the next round of sketches for one of the jobs floating around my desk right now. This isn't one of them. This is another rejected sketch, which I like a lot better than the one they actually choose.

It's the one immutable law in IllustrationLand: the client will always pick the worst sketch you send them. So don't ever send then something you don't want to take to finish. I thought of leaving out the sketch they choose, but I actually thought "There is absloutely no way they would ever choose that."

Ah well. I must remind myself that they know the larger context that the work will be in, and I don't.

Anyway, I feel terrible for neglecting you last week, so here's a bonus image: the color version of the Rooster painting from a few posts back.


Fer said...

Redwald is glorious in color - beautiful stuff, Joel.

When will Kellogg's wise up and put this image on the front of their Corn Flakes boxes? Corny is way past retirement age.

Joel Priddy said...

You don't want to mess with Corny's piece of action. That bird has juice. One call from him, and you're getting a visit from "Stripes" Tony. Maybe you find out exactly what goes "Snap! Crackle! Pop!"

And don't even get me started on the things Sugar Bear'll do to you. That guy is a freak.