Thursday, March 09, 2006

IronHide Tom pages pt. 2

After yesterday's preview page, which featured a twister, Memphis is now under tornado warnings.

If, tomorrow, the city is under threat of tentacle attack, it will confirm my suspicion that this blog is a mystic nexus of untold power. In which case, I shall quickly draw up and post an IronHide Tom page in which a cartoonist named Joel Priddy wins a hundred million dollars and a lifetime supply of lemon sorbet, moves to a Tuscan villa, where he spends the rest of his days sampling the local wine and olive oil harvests and collecting awards for his outstanding contributions to the world culture.

C'mon tentacle attack!


Scott said...

Don't be silly. Where would you store a lifetime supply of lemon sorbet? Come on, be realistic!

Pulpatooner said...

In my belly.

Specifically, the refrigerated section of my belly. I've got this nice new walk-in freezer as sort-of an annex to my belly. You know, steel door with hermetic seals,insulated walls, and this incredible compressor that can maintain the freezer chamber between –70°C (-94° F) to -80°C (-112° F) on a continuous basis. It's roomy in there, too. You could park a truck in there, if, for some reason, you needed to keep your at a hundred below. It was all custom-designed to fit the general style of my belly, so it's not an eyesore, or anything. Not that I'm really giving tours of my belly, or anywhere the general vicinity of my thoracic cavity. What with security these days, and all.

Scott said...

Could I please have my truck back?

Miras said...

I will not speak about lemon sorbet thing, and refrigerated bellys, cos' I don't know slightest thing about these stuff, but if it comes to your contributions to world's culture... That's different kind of story! I can tell you; if you're not awarded yet, then I shall take care about it right now, and create range of The-Most-Eagerly-Wanted-Awards-In-The-World and start to praise you with them one by one.

PS.: If you'd come to Poland instead of Tuscany, you could keep your sorbet just outside the door. It's cold enough... Grrrr! Hope not for long! Where's the Spring, for God sake?!
PSS.: Pages are great. My big belly is still wobbling. :-D

Pulpatooner said...

I'd love to return the truck, but the steering wheel is so cold that I just really don't want to touch it.

Thanks! I'm adding The-Most-Eagerly-Wanted-Awards-In-The-World to my resume, right now!

Stephanie Han Windham said...

Oh man, please don't get blown away into a million bits!

Pulpatooner said...

Yesterday's storms passed without much incident. And, so far today, no tentacle-sign.

I'm both relieved and disappointed.

Unknown said...

TCBY has a great soft-serve lemon custard flavor.

You should be at the park at noon. For a picnic. Maybe you can eat things there? Maybe not. WE'LL NEVER KNOW, BUT GOD KNOWS WE'LL TRY.