Monday, February 27, 2006

Pulpatoon Apochrypha pt. 8

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What's the venereal term for deadlines? Is it up to me to coin one? Do I go with the "line" and say a "spool of deadlines?" Or the "dead" with a "morgue of deadlines?" Or maybe the experience, with a "sweat of deadlines." Whatever you call it when deadlines gather together and start hanging out on your yard, drinking beer and making a point of checking their watch every few minutes, that's what I've got.

A firing squad. That's what it is. A firing squad of deadlines.

So, updates may be a bit spotty this week. Along with things like bathing, sleep, and eating. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Giving up the eating would be wrong.


Joel Priddy said...

Ah, it's all in the spirit of the Lenten season.

pitzerboy said...

I LOVE that plain plane panel.

Deadlines.. yeesh! Some people have ALL the nerve...

Matt said...


An orgie of deadlines? No, too positive. A rape of deadlines! Ummmm. A disease of deadlines? Don't ask how I made that leap. A murder, a disaster, a bastard of deadlines!

Or perhaps you're over-dramatising everything? How 'bout a jacket of deadlines? A teacup of deadlines?

Anyway, can you come over on Friday and paint that plane panel on my wall about 3 meters tall?

Joel Priddy said...


You send me a plane ticket to Germany, and I'll pop right over.

And, hey, how can you have a podcast and I not know about it? Here I am, linking to Polaroidiary, like a chump.

Anonymous said...

How about:

A burning eyeball of deadlines.


A jitter of deadlines.


An oppression of deadlines...

Joel Priddy said...

A palpitation of deadlines?

A hairloss of deadlines?

An exhaustion of deadlines?