Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pulpatoon: Apochrypha pt. 5

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This is the first page that I look at and think "that doesn't suck." It's not all smooth sailing from here on out, but progess is noticeable. Go Pilates!

The monologue Row listens to is a quote from a book called Hyperchen. I don't know if this book actually exists. I've never found it. I read this quote in, I believe, a Tim Powers novel (probably the Aunbis Gates). But Powers has a tendency to invent literary figures and then quote them in his novels. So, who knows?


Anonymous said...

Apparently hyperchen is latin for hypocrite. I found this listing for the book and author at:

romantic agony

CARDANUS, Hieronymus - Tomus II. (...) Dialectica. Hyperchen. De Socratis studio. Antigordias dialogus seu de recta vivendi ratione. De aqua liber. De aethere liber. De Cyna radice seu de decoctis magnis.
Basel, Henricpetri, March 1566,

8vo, old limp vellum, flat spine titled in ink, pp.(1001)-1621-[3] (sl. browning). Good copy.

Estimation : 200/ 350 Euros

Vol. II only, complete in itself, of the collected works of the Renaissance physician and scientist Girolamo Cardano (1501-1576). Woodcut mark at the end. Some woodcut diagrams. Old bookpl. (name erased). Ref. VD-16 C-876. Index Aurel. 132.100. Durling 833. Adams C-650. STCItalian (BL London) 182. BN Paris (1). NUC (4). Not in Machiels, Wellcome.

Pulpatooner said...

Very interesting. As much as I like Powers' po-mo game of invented history, I'm glad to hear that this is a real book. Thanks, Texas Jim!