Friday, February 17, 2006

Pulpatoon: Apochrypha pt. 3

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This was probably funnier pre-9/11. Or maybe it's funnier now. I don't know. I like this first page of it. I don't think the second one is really neccessary. But here it is, anyway:

Generally, the tone of this "chapter" is kinda jokey. One of the big lessons I learned from this before moving on to the stuff that actually became Pulpatoon: Pilgrimage was that I'm not very comfortable being jokey. I'm okay with whimsical. I can handle absurd. I wouldn't mind bumping into witty some day. But everytime I try to pull off an actual joke, I feel like I'm stepping into the footprints of every lame gag strip that ever graced newsprint.

More next week!


Fer said...

Joel, very enjoyable series this week, kind of like viewing the Pulpatoon DVD: Director's Cut (did someone else already make that analogy?). More, please.

Also, thanks to the crummy weather, we had time to read the C-A last night and saw your write-up:
(may require registration to view?)
Better late than never, and the images show up quite nicely online as well as in the newspaper version. Well done! Gus and I feel like we're walking with kings now. Um, when we walk with you and Sarah, that is; at home with the cats, not so much. Barons or possibly earls, but not kings.

Fer said...

Also, re: lame gags for your comics, I was dismayed to see you didn't include the 4-panel comedy "genius" that is the world of ANDY CAPP.

Alcoholism, domestic abuse, hooliganism, general mockery of the lower class - ANDY CAPP was always the funniest and classiest strip around. It certainly inspired many of my schoolmates to their current place in society. May it run another 300 years, or until cavemen take their rightful place as rulers of the world again!

As for me, pet, I'm off to the pub. Spare a quid for a pint...?

Joel Priddy said...

Thanks for the link, Chris; I hadn't seen the article, yet. It's positive! Hoo-ray!

I'm a little uncomfortable with the interview, though. It's like a Frankenstein stitch-up of our actual conversation. Almost all of those words came out of my mouth, but not neccessarily in that order or context. As a result, some of the notions expressed in it aren't completely accurate. Not enough to make a stink over, but enough to make me squirm a bit.

Total agreement on the Andy Capp front. I did actually get a link for that strip when writing that post. I forget why I didn't use it.

I was kinda fascinated by Andy Capp as a kid because it made no sense to me. Why was this thing in print? I could at least tell that Family Circus and the Lockhorns were trying to be funny. But Andy Capp was just a total enigma.

And, what? It took you this long to pick up the whiff of royalty? The lovely wife and I will have to elevate our noses by another eighth of an inch.

Steph said...

I think you're right--outright jokey just doesn't seem right for joel priddy. Sounds like a political campaign or something :P