Monday, February 06, 2006

Primeval Pulpatoon

I thought I'd spend the next few days sharing some of the early cartoons that eventually led into Pulpatoon: Pilgrimage. These were basically notebook doodles. I'm not sure when it occurred to me that they might become a graphic novel. I had a fair idea who the characters were at this point, but I was unsure about their millieu. I was also pretty unsure in my use of ink.

I had an unusually culture-packed weekend. I saw: a lecture on cybernetics by suppossed "World's First Cyborg" and media whore, Professor Kevin Warwick; the Opera Memphis' staging of Don Giovanni (Happy 250th Birthday, Mozart!); a lecture by Dr. Anna Bess Sorin on evolution (Happy 197th Birthday, Darwin!); and a broadcast of an athletic competion while in the company of sports enthusiasts.

This was my first Super Bowl, and my second opera. Gotta say, I preferred the opera. Although, there was better beer at the Super Bowl.

Today, I'm sick in bed with a sore throat. But not just any sore throat. This is the kind of sore throat that, I'm pretty sure, has destroyed civilizations.


knock on wood said...

yay Opera is grand!

boo Joel is sick!

michelle said...

I wanted to see Don Giovanni but I didn't find out it was here until it was too late to get good tickets. I'm jealous.