Monday, February 13, 2006

Primeval Pulpatoon pt. 6

I made a little one-fold minicomic out of this and handed it out to the very first comics class I ever taught. And immediately felt like the biggest dork on the planet for using my own characters in a scholastic context.

Anyway, I find this quote more amusing than educational. I found this passage quoted elsewhere, and haven't read the source text. But I like the methodical tone, as though there could be a taxonomy of phylacteries. This led to one of my favorite comics assignments: a strip where the student needs to use 10 different phylacteries - four of them invented.

Interestingly, the "famous phone voice" isn't used much anymore. I suppose better sound quality is the culprit. One could still use it for cell phones, though. Or public address systems.

Actually, come to think of it, the broken-line "whisper voice" is also in decline. I think you still see it in newspaper strips, which are inherently more conservative on formal issues. But in comics, as far back in the Eighties, the small-letter-big-balloon attributed here to astonishment and shame began to do duty as a whisper as well.

Ah, minutiae.


Fer said...

Joel, very entertaining. I would also say "inspiring" because the titles you recommend are very worthy of purchase for our collection where we solvent, which at present the library is not. One day, perhaps.

Oh, and I did try the Wimpy line with a book rep last week: "I will gladly pay you next fiscal year or with my fictional Powerball winnings for a monograph today..." No sale.

Joel Priddy said...

Wimpy deserves his own volume of Bartlett's. He is rich source of quotations that can help us all out of everyday problems.

An all-pupose line of flattery, very useful on a day like this: "You are the acme of feminity; I thrill at your proximity."

If caught in a bind, simply deny your identity: "My name is Jones - I'm one of the Jones boys."

If the situation escalates, try distraction: "I'd like to invite you to a duck diner..." Then, while your opponent pauses to consider this kind offer, scamper off, trailing "You bring the duck."

Miras said...

Joel, this is very funny! Even I find it funny, and you know, my english is a crap.

Joel Priddy said...

Thanks, Miras! Looking over your blog, I'd say your English is pretty danged good... and your drawings are great! Nice stuff!