Friday, February 10, 2006

Primeval Pulpatoon pt. 5

You may notice a big leap forward in the art from the last page. This page was drawn before Pulpatoon: Pilgrimage, but after what I thought was going to be the first chapter. That abandoned first chapter (the previously mentioned Pulpatoon: Apochrypha) was only about 20 pages long, and was completely wrong in dozens of ways that will become immediately apparent once you see, but, boy howdy, did I learn a lot about how to draw while doing it.

This is the thing that always gets me about comics: they are the hardest kind of drawing one can do. When I started these pages, I'd been drawing pretty consistently for most of my 29 years. I'd earned a Master's Degree in Illustration. I'd lived as a freelance illustrator for about seven years, working with some pretty major clients. I had a lot of reasons to think that I knew what I was doing.

But I grew by leaps and bounds in space of twenty pages, once I tried comics. Comics are the Pilates of drawing.

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Stephanie Han Windham said...

"the Pilates of drawing"--I love it!