Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wedding Favor

Okay, this strip may be too cute by half, but it was part of a minicomic the lovely wife and I put together as our wedding favor. We were suppossed to be sappy and disgustingly cute, you loveless bastards. Also, it's completely autobiographical.

The show went up last night, and I think it looks pretty good. It's spare, but, I think, elegantly-so.

Seeing the space at hand, I did some last-minute pruning. We went from 50 books to 37. I feel bad for the people who thought they were going to be in the show and now aren't, but it was a time for ruthless action. I cut friends. I cut not one, but two Ignatz-award winning minis. I even cut myself. It was a mighty harrowing. And the show is tighter and stronger because of it.


Stephanie Han Windham said...

Damn, that's cute. Do you guys really have a cat?

Libby said...

Joel, I happened upon this through Sarvay's site. I'm so happy for you because I remember you telling me once you thought you'd never find love, get married, etc. Warm wishes :0)

Unknown said...

That strip is quite adorable. Good job.

I am very much looking forward to this show. Should be nothing short of amazing.

Pulpatooner said...


Yup, we have two cats: Odin and Boo. In my strips they tend to get conflated into a single gray "Bodin," although this one looks a lot more like Ode.


I was told that by a genuine androgynous gypsy fortune teller -on the streets of Rome, no less- so, it's not like that was just typical young male posturing. It was FATE! A Cosmic Decree! What chance did I have against the spinning wheels of Unflinching Destiny?

Turns out, a pretty good chance. Hooray!


Thanks. See you there. Come dressed as your favorite minicomic!

knock on wood said...

that's so cute! did your wedding guests love it?

so this is what has been on your computer desktop forever... tempting me to click on it? but of course, professional as i am, i just couldn't do that on someone else's computer :)
I had to imagine what was there instead... robots in wedding garb? custom place settings? what could Joel possibly have for a wedding favor...?
now i know! HAH!