Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Not-Whales of Gothenburg

Along with stuffed baby whales, Gothenburg has a moderately famous fountain featuring Poseidon and lots of cavorting creatures of a nautical persuation. The fountain makes for a good meeting place, and so I found myself waiting by it fairly often and ended up drawing it quite a lot. Here are two of the little guys swimming around the base.

There's a lot of peculiar sexiness going on in this fountain. Some of the mer-creatures look like they're really enjoying their swim.

Apparently, when it was first unveiled, the citizenry objected to Poseidon's generous endowment. The sculptor, Carl Milles, dutifully reduced the package in question, but also added a fish grasped tightly in one of Poseidon's hands that, when viewed from the side, gives the ol' Sea King a particularly imposing profile.

Somehow, despite making many drawings and taking a fair number of photgraphs, none of them are from the proper angle to catch that effect. What was I thinking?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning. Besides just enjoying the humor in this blog I am glad to find that the sketchbook images are as captivating as your words. Well, enough ego inflation... as soon as I think of an insult, I'll post that too. :)

Pulpatooner said...

Of course, Michael writes in response to the purvy post.

Thanks for the kind words, Michael. Good luck with that insult.