Monday, January 30, 2006

More Mini Show Shots

Pretty soon, people started to get the hang of it.

Look at that crowd! We ended up pretty packed. I guess this town is just hungry for MiniComics. That, or cheap white wine. Either way, I was delighted. I don't really like to go to openings, myself. There's just a bunch of people between me and the art I'm trying to look at. And they're cliqueier than a high school cafeteria. But this was fun. People were laughing, and whenever someone would connect with a particular book, they'd drag all their friends over to read it.

A lot of people said that they'd be coming back to read all the minis at their leisure. I hope they do. The show is open forever (March 26th), so there should be plenty of time.

Big, big thanks to everyone who helped put this show together: MCA students, faculty, and administration; Tom Spurgeon; Tom Gauld; BB&PPINC; and, of course, the generous artists who provided the minis. I hope this show has made a few more people aware of the great work you're doing for so little recognition or recompense.

Now, to get back to drawing.


Unknown said...

Did you have a program with a list of the comics in the show and where they can purchase them? If so then post away. If not then for shame.

pitzerboy said...

I was wondering what Mr. Priddy might be doing with copies once the show is over. I'd suggest donating them to a collection.. like VCU, but I'm sure he's already has plans in place. Thanks for the photos, too.

Stephanie Han Windham said...

Yahoo, looks awesome! WTG, Joel!

Pulpatooner said...

I do hang my head in shame. I figured that there was contact info in all the minis, so I didn't need to state it seperately. I was wrong. Lots of people were asking how to get in touch with the artists in order to buy work. Some comics had prices incorporated into the cover design, which led several people to ask things like "$1 is a fake price, right?" So up those profits, people!

I'll make up a contact list and put it down in the gallery.

Mr. Pitzer,
Since I have multiples of nearly all the books, I'm planning on breaking them up and donating them to a couple different libraries. Props to the University of Memphis, which was the first to ask for a set.

Thanks, and you're right: Yahoo! is awesome.

Shad said...

Great looking show! I like the sleeves.

I might try the hanging suggestion I gave you at our mini-comics show, but those sleeves are a good back-up.

Anonymous said...

I see Driving South! Thanks so much for including me. What a great idea... and it looks like the turn out was good too. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I tried something similar, for a pair of exhibitions (1, (2)I took part in, a couple of years back. I had an installation - three comic strips, a couple of blurbs, and a stall selling mini-comics on the Open Evening - but I wanted people to have something to take away with them.

So I put together two or three folded A4 comics (and a short story), and put them in cereal box hoppers marked "PLEASE TAKE ONE" and "THE FIRST ONE'S FREE."

Now, the hoppers weren't exactly well-made, and the comics were only...mildly brilliant, but when I came back to check the installation a few days into the exhibition, people had actually taken some away with them.

Amazingly, I didn't find any on the floor outside the exhibition hall.

And what was even more amazing, nobody had left trash in the hoppers, either.

I didn't sell many minicomics at the open evening, and I doubt I got many people visiting my website as a result of the URL being on the fold-o-comics, but I do know that at least a few people got thirty seconds of joy - and possibly something to write some hot girl/guy's phone number on - out of my meagre efforts.


Pulpatooner said...

Yeah, the one thing I really wish we could have done is had comics for people to walk away with. My original plan was to pin hundreds and hundreds of minis to the wall, and let people just take them until the gallery was empty. But that was too much to ask of the participants (it was tough enough to get 5 copes out of some of the people with high-end production values). So I thought about making extras of one of my minis to give away, but I felt weird handing out my own work for a group show.

Also, I was too lazy to fold a couple hundred little books.

Anonymous said...

Is there a list available of what comics were included in the exhibit?

Pulpatooner said...

There is. Email me if you'd like a list.