Monday, January 30, 2006

Mini Show Shots

Here's the basic layout of the show: a series of triangular pockets in a straight line across the wall.I figured that, with all the books leaning at a jaunty angle, people would feel a little less intimidated, and more readily pick the books up and read them. Despite this, the first couple people who came into the show went right into gallery-walk mode: hands in their pockets, just peering at the stuff on the wall from a polite distance.

I made a point of sitting a reading for the first half-four of the show, just to show people how it was done. I guess they thought it was preformance art.

These great chairs are on loan from MCA president Jeff Nesin.

This is MCA's own, Michelle Byrd, who worked very hard on the PR for Small Stories, being utterly charmed by books of BB&PPINC.

Everyone fell in love with the Lives in the Building books of Woojung Ahn. This made me very happy. Ahn was unable to supply books for the show, so I pulled out my own copies (and these books weren't cheap), because I felt that is was more important that people see her wonderful stories than I keep my copies pristine. Follow the link to see what all the fuss is about. Then beg her to make more books!

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Anonymous said...

Who's the bald guy and why is he wearing a novelty scarf?

It's people like him that make me avoid art-openings.

...ah, just kidding.