Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Love is the Bug I'm Thinking of

The birds and bees,
The mites on trees,
They each have a gal they c’n snuggle and squeeze.
Oh, ev’ry little bug has a honey to hug.
You can see,
The firefly don’ haff t’cry,
He knows from the glow that’s his gal going by.
Oh, ev’ry little bug has a honey to hug but me.

The lovely wife has been out of town for FOUR WHOLE DAYS! In that span, I've:
1. Grown a Grizzly Adams beard.
2. Eaten nothing but salsa and crumbs found in the crease of the futon.
3. Changed clothes .025 times.
4. Stared forlornly at the phone/ out the window/ towards the ceiling so much that you can actually see where my gaze has worn groves in the surfaces.

It's not that the wife takes care of me, it's just that I have no motivation to do anything when she's away. What's the point?

Le sigh.

But she comes home tonight! YEE-HAW!

The image above was an egg tempera demo for a class.


Stephanie Han Windham said...

Mmm, egg tempura... It's the loveliest bug I've ever seen, and you know how I feel about bugs! Remember that incident when we were in the SVA dorms when you had to come over to try to kill a bug for me and you just ended up driving it under my bed and I lived in mortal fear of that bug crawling up over my face for three whole days? Ah, good times.

Unknown said...

Price of admission for class tomorrow is your Grizzly Adams beard.

Pulpatooner said...


Yup, that was one of my prouder moments, as well. What'd the New York experience be if not for a little insectoid cohabitation?


Sorry, I washed the beard down the drain as soon as the lovely wife got back. Grizzly Adams don't get no smootching.

Anonymous said...

Home. Smiling.

Unknown said...

I could smooch you because I am gay for WEARING A PINK BELT.

Pulpatooner said...

Thanks, Jim, but that would be inappropriate, given our professional relationship.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... love?.... (bleck!)
I suppose I'll understand when I am older... or have engaged in more beer socially.

I would have made a joke about the wife being away... but I won't be tacky (today)


besides, she could kick my ass. anyway, go to the link below to see my opinion of all that hooey about love (plus its an invite to my apartment love day evening... which will be the final gathering in the apartment where I reside... but its for bitter singles, so you ain't welcome. HA!)

Hope you are well, and I am thoroughly excited about the follow-up to Pulpatoon!!!

OH, you should read Wicked if you haven't already.... divine, I tell ya... divine!