Friday, January 20, 2006

IronHide Tom

Chris Pitzer has just announced the project, so I guess it's okay for me to show you the cover image for AdHouse's 2006 Free Comic Book Day comic: The Preposterous Voyages of IronHide Tom.

Not sick of my minimalist "stick figure" stories yet? Well, maybe you just weren't getting enough in one sitting. Howsabout a full issue, crammed cover-to-cover with nothing but tiny little lines and circles pretending to be people? Thrills! Chills! Spills! And a total lack of rendering, expression, and perspective!


Steph said...

Hi Joel! Just got your email announcing your blog--you know I'm totally down with blogs :P Hope we can keep in better touch now!

J Chris Campbell said...

Dude. Seriously.
I want that drawing.
Can you post the black and white version?

Joel Priddy said...

Howdy, Steph! Folks, meet Stephanie: talented painter, aspiring chef, and former studio-mate back in the SVA days. It's been awhile since I've seen Steph. Apparently, she's gotten fat, pink, and bald. Life in sunny LA must be wearing on her.

JCC, the B&W drawing is on my office computer. I'll try to remember to post it on Monday. The clouds were drawn and scanned in seperately, so the composition is a little empty.

Scott said...

Damn. This means I'm going to have to go into a comics shop in May, and I don't like either of the shops here.
OOoorrrr... I could just pick this up from you at SPX.

Joel Priddy said...

Well, if there's one day a year to go into a comics shop, surely FCBD is the day.

But, yeah, I'm sure Chris'll still have plenty at SPX.