Thursday, January 05, 2006

Charles W. Morgan pt. 8

This is the block and tackle mentioned in the last post. I don't really have any interesting info to pass along relating to it, but it was fun to draw.

The best thing about drawing pictures that take place aboard a ship is the rope. Whenever you have a dead spot in your composition, you can just draw a line of rope. Instant directional dynamism!

Of course, rope is also the worst thing about drawing on deck, 'cause there's so much of it, and all of it has a very specific function. My first lesson learned on this project was to not get caught up in trying to accurately represent the rigging. It's just too much visual information, and every drawing ends up looking like a spider web. But I do feel like, with every one of the these drawings, I need to apologize to anyone with any sort of expertise in this area.

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