Monday, December 05, 2005

Skeeball Whalers

While I was working on the Morgan drawings, I was asked to produce an Illustration on "whatever struck my fancy" for a magazine that was never heard from again. As you can see, I didn't veer too far from what I was already doing. I'm not too sure what the deal with the skeeball-face-thing is. They've been showing up since grad school. Maybe they're my attempt to pretend I'm Jim Woodring, although, compared to his stuff, mine look pretty anemic.

Let me try a couple Rooster names out on you: Redwald or Rasebeck.
Redwald seems evocative of the cock's comb, while Rasebeck references the Rooster's job of calling the sun each morning. At least, in my mind.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Mark one vote for Redwald.

Anonymous said...

"Rasebeck" sounds more "roostery" to me, for what (very little) that may be worth.

Anonymous said...

It sounds more Middle English, is what it sounds like, which won't get you anywhere with people who don't think of roosters as essentially Middle English creatures. Which is probably pretty much everybody.