Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rooster Pages 2

The cock continues to crow. Here's two more pages. It takes about 13 pages, total. After that, I'll need an actual plot.

My older brother, Matt, provided the following as possible plot material:

There once was a rooster that was so vigorous in his ardor that it usually killed the recipient hen. When the hens were gone, the rooster went after the ducks. Then the geese. Nothing with feathers was safe. Then the rooster went after the livestock, chasing pigs and goats and cows from one end of the farm to the other. The farmer tried to catch him and wring his neck, but the rooster always slipped away.

One day, the farmer came out of his house and saw vultures circling over a field. "Aw, christ, who did that son of a gun kill this time?" thought the farmer. He hiked over to the field and saw the rooster sprawled out in the middle of the clearing. "Serves you right," said the farmer, "You finally screwed yourself to death. Let the buzzards have you."

The rooster opened one eye and whispered, "Shh. They're getting closer."

I think I could get a hundred and sixty or so pages out of that.

As far as naming the rooster: the votes are leaning towards Redwald. What do you think? I'd really like to hear some opinions.


J Chris Campbell said...

Have you tried something like Gordon or Dexter.
Something that's not as fantastical. To contrast with the fantasy elements of your story.
As a reader, I have an easier time identifying with real people names for animals.

If you're going for a Fable story, then the name should be more sing songy like Elarah or Jamatolla.

But don't listen to me. I'm a retard. I’ve got a degree in Business.

Joel Priddy said...

JCC, I just wrote a very long reply to you, examioning all the reasons why I was going with historical names. Then I erased it, because I realised I was saying things that the story itself needed to say. You know how Hemingway warned writers not to talk too much about their work, 'cuz you lose the juice. I guess that's an inherent pitfall of blogging your progress like this and hoping for feedback.

But the process of writing that now-erased reply was very helpful for me, and clarified a thought or two. So you get my heartfelt thanks, but absolutely no explanation for why it's not going to be Dexter the Rooster.

J Chris Campbell said...

Glad I could help.

Joel Priddy said...

You're a peach, Mr. Campbell.

Anonymous said...


Joel Priddy said...

I'm so sorry. I reccommend ointment.