Monday, December 19, 2005

Birds of a Feather

Here's an illustration I did this weekend for a poster. It's to promote an institute which supports diversity of all sorts in the study of Philosophy.

It's always tough to try come up with an image for "diversity" that doesn't look like a Seventies community mural. Or, even worse, that turns into some Wattsian checklist. In this case, I drew on the fact that I'm kinda into figuring out how to draw birds right now, what with the Rooster, and all.

Other than the pheasant and the parakeet, all of the birds should be pretty accurate depictions of North American songbirds. I have no idea if pheasants sit in trees, or if they make any sort of song that one would want to listen to, but I really wanted to put one in there. I mean, what says "diversity" more than a pheasant? If only there'd been room for a penguin.


Luis said...

nice job on drawing the birds. I like the whole idea.

Seth Russell said...

I really like this illustration, and am very impressed with your work. I also really enjoyed the rooster comic. I can't wait to see more of your art.

Anonymous said...

i just love this illustration, so clever and fun!