Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Congrats, Strange Detective Tales!

Congratulations to Patrick, Jesse, and James over at Oddgod Comics. Their marvelous funnybook, Strange Detective Tales, just got reviewed in Entertainment Weekly Magazine! I really love this little book, and have been frustrated that it wasn't making a bigger splash on the comics scene. Here's hoping this high profile review will change that. Jesse Bausch writes funny and crazy and scary. He shows a Joss Whedon influence, but isn't derivative. James Callahan (a former student of mine, so I get to take all the credit for everything he does, forever) is a rising master of Unexpected Pop-Culture Gross-Out Explosion Art. EW may consider his work "undernourished," but Mike Mignola loves it. Which one are you going to listen to?

The image above is a pin-up I contributed to the second issue.

Can you spot the Ayn Rand reference?

Rooster Story

I mentioned in the first post a project that is presently on the drawing board. Here's the protagonist of that story. I'm not sure what his name is yet, or if this is the final character design. I have about five more pages to draw before I have to have an answer to either of these questions. Plenty of time! Right?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Charles W. Morgan

Here's a couple drawings of the Morgan herself.

The Morgan doesn't actually sail anymore. She's permanently docked as an exhibition at Mystic Seaport.

This is my Bee's wax.

Here I am. Because the world needed another blog.

The plan is to keep this blog low on yap, and high on doodles. I'll be posting pages from a recent project which will not otherwise be generally available to the public, as well as pages from the project that's on the drawing board right now.

To start us off, here's a figurehead from Mystic Seaport, in Connecticut. I've quite a number of sketches from Mystic, especially of the world's last wooden whaling ship, the Charles W. Morgan. I'll probably post a good chunk of those as well.